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4 Timeless Bathroom Design Ideas for Your Custom Cottage

4 Timeless Bathroom Design Ideas for Your Custom Cottage

You want to love your cottage bathroom next year, five years from now, indefinitely. That’s not an unreasonable ask. Your custom cottage is the culmination of a lifetime of dreams, and you deserve to love it emphatically. Though incorporating trends that make your heart sing is part of the fun of a custom design, sticking to timeless design selections for your bathroom ensures it ages with grace.

Ballantyne Builds knows about custom cottages. It’s all we do! Our work in the heart of Ontario’s cottage country has woven the backdrop for countless family memories. A custom cottage is more than a house on the water. Our familiarity with the unique engineering, zoning, and design differences in building custom cottages in the Muskokas equips us to build yours with fluency and finesse. 

What Makes a Bathroom Timeless?

It’s not easy to describe what makes a bathroom timeless, except that it can be difficult to tell when a timeless bathroom was built. Some materials, motifs, and elements don’t go out of style or repeatedly cycle back into popularity, making them excellent choices if you plan to enjoy your bathroom far into the future. We’re here to ensure you don’t fall out of love with your cottage bathroom well before its time.

4 Design Ideas for Cottage Bathrooms

Here are some design ideas to ensure your custom cottage bathroom never goes out of style.


If your cottage is by the water, it may be time to embrace the obvious. Drawing inspiration from the surrounding nature ensures that your cottage decor will always make sense in context and keep your design choices eternally relevant. Embrace blues, bamboo, wicker, and natural wood.


There’s more than one way to take your cues from Mother Nature. The biophilic design pays homage to living things and nature in general. Build in shelving for plants, tile with natural stone, and consider polished stone cabinet pulls to bring the outside in with your bathroom design.


Cottage bathrooms span multiple eras much more smoothly than primary homes. With a history of handing cottages through families, incorporating vintage-inspired elements such as brass plumbing fixtures may subtly suggest generational wealth and history.

Neutral with Trendy Textiles

White bathrooms and neutral tones don’t really go out of style. Consider building a timeless and neutral cottage bathroom, knowing you will amp up the drama with decor and textiles. You can easily swap these items for a new trend or colour and make your bathroom feel brand new without a remodel.

Bathroom Elements that Age Well

Some parts of the bathroom never go out of style. The designated bathroom functions don’t change much, after all. Here are some elements to add to your bathroom that never go out of style.

Expansive Vanities

Prep space doesn’t go out of style. Extra bathroom workspace and ample cabinets and drawers are a great addition to a cottage bathroom. 

Soaker Tubs

Soaker tubs have been around for a very long time and have held steady in popularity. They used to be the only game in town for bathing and are now a symbol of luxury and relaxation. There is something about a healing soak that is deeply imprinted on the human consciousness. Almost every aesthetic is elevated by the presence of a freestanding soaker tub.

Walk-in Shower

Walk-in showers with frameless glass doors are excellent additions to any bathroom shower design. Older guests or guests with mobility differences will enjoy easy shower access without a tripping hazard. Walk-in showers also tend to be larger and provide the room you need to clean up after vacation house fun.

Best Materials for a Cottage Bathroom

Timeless Tile Options

Classic options include ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, and glass. If you'd like your cottage to be a bit more playful, consider a bolder colour selection or accent tile. Consider tiling your entire bathroom, including the walls, for a tidy look.

Perfect Bathroom Flooring

Use tile or luxury vinyl plank that looks like natural wood for a waterproof and versatile vibe. Reconsider any bathroom rug that can’t be thrown in the washing machine. Thank us later.

Cottage Bathroom Cabinets

They store personal care products, cleaning supplies, and first aid. Cottage bathroom cabinets need to hold a little bit of everything and keep it accessible so that it can be easily found, even when used infrequently. Pull-outs, built-ins, and custom storage solutions are extra-important at the cottage.

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