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Bathroom Trends 2023: What's On The Rise

Bathroom Trends 2023: What's On The Rise

No one wants to waste time, effort, and money designing a bathroom that will scream about the year in which it was built after a few short years. Trendy bathrooms are often dated faster, especially if you adopt a trend while it's on its way out. Don’t plan a bathroom for your custom home or cottage with design trends that will soon be outdated.

Ballantyne Builds helps create beautiful second homes in the Muskokas. Our cottages are the backdrop for treasured memories and true togetherness. Our work in Muskoka vacation homes has positioned us to watch the design trends owners select rise and fall. We’re happy to use our insight to help you plan a classic cottage bathroom for 2023 and beyond.

Rising Stars in 2023 Bathroom Design

Arches and Gentle Curves

Curved mirrors, soaker tubs set under arched ceilings and entryways, arched panels on vanity doors, and rounded cabinetry are appearing in more bathrooms than ever. Gentle slopes and curved lines are in for bathrooms in 2023.

Vintage Inspiration

Some of our favourite cottage bathrooms leave very few clues about the actual time they were built. Marrying vintage inspiration with modern convenience makes the most of innovation. Powder rooms are the perfect place to incorporate antiques and bold wallpaper that give a stylish nod to the past without pointing to a specific era. 

Everything in Its Space 

Creating delineated spaces in the bathroom allows ultimate access, even if you share the space. Housing the toilet and a small sink away from the shower area and building a separate area for the vanity means no one needs to bump elbows or experience unexpected delays.

Balance timeless and trendy styles to keep your bathroom beautiful for many years to come.

Keeping Bathrooms Timeless

Classic Faucets and Fixtures

Classic brass or vintage-inspired chrome look beautiful and are hard to pin to a single design era. Bathroom trends scroll through time a bit slower than other areas because utility adds parameters that other spaces don’t experience. Match or coordinate your faucets, hardware, and light fixtures for a cohesive look.

Luxurious Freestanding Tubs

Soaker tubs have been standard for more than a hundred years. It’s difficult to improve upon the design of a beautiful clawfoot tub. Adding a freestanding tub to your new bathroom design in 2023 is a safe bet for future stylishness and ultimate luxury. 

Timeless Tile

Tile belongs in your bathroom and can transform a space completely. Classic marble, or other natural stone, provides an earthy, clean surface that doesn’t date your space. Using tile for your floor, shower, or bathroom walls creates a seamless and durable finish and can be used to create a wet room that houses both your tub and your shower. Don't be afraid to be a little bold with your tile, as it can still remain timeless when designed right.

The Best Cottage Bathrooms for 2023

Luxury Extras

Adding extra features in your bathrooms to heighten relaxation makes perfect sense for your vacation home. Mount a TV above the soaker tub for luxurious entertainment and a towel warmer so that you don’t experience a minute of discomfort when it’s finally time to hop out. 

Sleek and Easy Elements

Cottage bathrooms are easy to operate. They have soft-close cabinets, intuitive plumbing and easy-to-clean surfaces, so big messes stay minor inconveniences. Think about the use of the bathroom and ease of cleaning when looking at the endless options to express your style and finish your cottage bathroom look.

Future-Focused Solutions

Make use of the solutions that technology offers. Consider heated floors, smart toilets, steam showers that can be activated remotely, and smart mirrors that give you vital daily information and provide backlighting with a simple touch.

Wondering how this much may all cost in your custom cottage in the Muskokas? We can talk the details here.

Your Dream Cottage in the Muskokas Deserves the Best Builder

When it’s time to build the cottage of your dreams, you want a reputable professional who understands the artisanship, care, and expertise your once-in-a-lifetime dream space requires. Ballantyne Builds provides a superior cottage construction experience and unparalleled results in the Lake Muskoka area and beyond. We’d love to hear more about your cottage construction project. Reach out to us here.