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Cabinet Trends for Cottage Kitchens in 2023

Cabinet Trends for Cottage Kitchens in 2023

The grandkids enjoy sandwiches at the kitchen island after a busy morning on the lake. Their parents have just finished their second cup of espresso and have finally gotten around to tidying up the espresso bar. The little one batted their eyes and asked so sweetly that you’ve found yourself breaking out the ice cream maker for an afternoon treat. Your custom cottage kitchen works hard so you can play hard, meeting your every need with a well-executed space for everything. Custom cabinets are the backbone of every busy kitchen, and your cottage kitchen is no exception, though its design challenges and requirements are unique.

Ballantyne Builds knows custom cottages in the Muskokas. It’s what we do. Our extensive experience building one-of-a-kind vacation homes in Ontario’s cottage country gives us the background you need to build the cottage you envision. Storage has never been more critical than when you’re trying to relax. No one enjoys clutter. Let’s talk about the essential details you need to consider to build custom cottage cabinets to their fullest potential.

Luxury Cottage Cabinets Need

When building a cottage or vacation home in the Muskokas, you need to build a vacation kitchen, not a replica of the one you have at home. Here are some important features to include when designing your custom cabinets for your Muskoka cottage.

  • Soft-close hinges to respect daytime nappers and midnight snackers
  • Custom sizing to store specialty items
  • Ample space for items you don’t yet know you need to store
  • Pull-outs designed to support your cooking style
  • Extra seating options for large gatherings

How Are Cottage Kitchens Different from Primary Homes?

Everyone knows that cottage decor ventures into territory a primary home never would. Cottages draw inspiration from their surroundings and often feature a more rustic vibe. Cottage spaces also tend to be more informal and sample from a broader range of styles in the same space. The freedom of options allows you to make playful choices you might not make for your regular residence. The beauty of a custom build is exactly that– your cottage kitchen can be truly unique. Your kitchen can be built for entertainment and ease. Including convenient, intuitive storage in your cottage kitchen will make your visit to the holiday house feel like the enjoyable break you intended. 

Unique Ideas for Custom Cabinets in your Muskoka Cottage

Your cottage cabinets are a great place to build custom features. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Hidden appliance garage for small appliances
  • Cabinet fronts that hide large appliances 
  • Custom pull-outs for spices, trash, large utensils, pantry items and dog bowls
  • Custom cupboards for unusually shaped items like a popcorn machine or ice cream maker
  • A pull-out shelf, or a Super Susan, in corner cabinets for easier access and storage
  • Extra cabinets, drawers and shelves in the back and on the sides of the island
  • Pull down shelves in the upper cabinets
  • Walk-in pantry for ultimate storage versatility out of sight

Wondering about costs? Cabinets are usually the most expensive line item in your kitchen budget and each additional feature adds up, but some are more than worth it. We talk more about the price tag of a custom cottage in the Muskokas here.

Cottage Cabinet Door Styles

Cottage kitchen cabinets need to be sturdy, and many clients opt for simple shaker cabinets or slab doors. However, some relaxed and rustic styles are more common in cottage kitchens than in year-round homes. Grooved kitchen cabinets, mesh cabinet inserts, or glass-front doors can transform a regular kitchen into a true holiday house haven. 

Pulls for Cottage Kitchen Cabinets

The hardware on your cabinets can make a statement, or blend into the background of your custom kitchen. You can choose fancy and ornate pulls and handles, opt for alternating styles and colours, or eliminate hardware altogether with push-to-open cabinets and hidden finger pulls in drawers. If you’re channelling a particular design era, you can match your cabinet pulls to other faucets, features, and fixtures.  

Colours for Cottage Kitchen Cabinets

Natural wood finishes are excellent choices for your custom kitchen cabinets. If you want painted kitchen cabinets, clean white cabinets are a classic. Combining white cabinets on the perimeter with a natural wood tone on the island is a popular combination. The surrounding landscape is also great for drawing inspiration for your colour palette. Subtle browns and tans, serene blues, and rich greens are all excellent choices for cottage kitchen cabinets. 

Let’s Build Your Beautiful Cottage in Muskoka

When you’re ready to bring your custom cottage dreams into reality, Ballantyne Builds is prepared to meet you. Our artisanship, expertise, and impeccable service create stunning cottages and a seamless home-building experience. Tell us about your proposed Muskoka area custom cottage project here.