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Why Build a Custom Cottage in the Muskoka Lakes Area?

Why Build a Custom Cottage in the Muskoka Lakes Area?

When you close your eyes and picture your dream cottage, there are essential and vivid details you hope to find in reality. Is your cottage tucked away in a peaceful and remote corner? Is it part of a bustling lake community with plenty of options for sports and play? You have ample choices for any kind of vacation property you desire in the heart of Ontario’s cottage country. It’s world-renowned for a reason! There’s something magical about cottages in Muskoka Cottage Country.

Why Choose the Muskoka Lakes Area?

Ballantyne Builds has spent three generations perfecting the construction expertise we proudly display today. We love building dream cottages in Muskoka and the surrounding lakes. With such deep roots in the area, we acknowledge we may be slightly biased, but we think Muskoka is the perfect place to make your custom cottage dreams real.

Pristine Aquatic Playgrounds and Plenty of Fun

All four seasons are richly represented in our region. Magical winter, crisp autumn, promising spring, and luscious summer are all on beautiful display here in Muskoka. This is a prime Canadian cottage country. If you’re interested in an idyllic backdrop for your home away from home, there is no better location. Venture into Bala, Port Carling, and Windermere for dining, shopping, and more, and hit the beautiful lakes for kayaking, fishing, skiing, wakeboarding, tubing, and any other kind of fun you could have on the water. You will join a vibrant community that knows how to operate on vacation time.

Customizable Experience in Muskoka

Muskoka offers just about every cottage lake experience you could desire. Many are drawn to large lakes like Muskoka, Rousseau, or Joseph, with bustling communities, big water, and plenty of social opportunities. Other folks are interested in remote properties for a more rustic experience or a smaller lake for a slower-paced getaway. Is your vibe more like Six Mile Lake or South Bay? The region is rich in choices. When you check out our area on the map, you’ll notice beautiful little blue dots offering options of all kinds.  

How Much is an Acre of Land in the Muskoka Lakes Area?

Waterfront property in Muskoka covers a wide range. Prices for waterfront lots currently range from $400K to $8 million, depending on the lake and accessibility. We routinely see prices in the millions for properties with year-round road access on one of the big three lakes (Muskoka, Rosseau, Joseph). You will notice much lower costs for remote wilderness real estate in Ontario. Smaller lakes, farther from big cities like Toronto, or seasonally inaccessible properties (e.g., an island or remote cabin) are priced much lower, which, for some clients, offsets the effort it takes to reach and maintain them.

What’s the Difference Between a Cabin and a Cottage? 

When we mention that we exclusively build custom cottages, we are often asked what makes a cottage, not a cabin or a house. There are no universally accepted definitions. The words we use for our second homes are often regional. 

In this area, the most common term for vacation homes is “cottage.” In this area, a cottage is a second home used primarily for recreation. Though some people picture cottages as exclusively quaint spaces, there are no size or floor restrictions on a structure to qualify as a cottage. We have built some luxurious and sprawling estates in the area. Since it isn’t a year-round residence, these stunning second homes are still cottages to our clients. 

The distinction between cabin and cottage is also unclear and often regional. Here, a cabin generally refers to a smaller, more rustic structure. Sometimes, a vacation home made from logs or rough timber is called a cabin, regardless of size. Because timber is a prevalent material because of the surrounding industry, some clients opt for rustic materials and finishes and choose to call their holiday home a cabin.

Why Build a Custom Cottage?

A custom cottage gives you complete control of the details. Everyone lives a little differently, and everyone uses their second home a little differently. Layout, features, size, location, finishes, these details cause extra friction when they aren’t quite right in your cottage because they impede your relaxation. It’s annoying when you don’t have enough bathrooms to make guests comfortable or the water at the end of the dock isn’t deep enough for your Mastercraft. You may be so excited to start your lake life that you are tempted to eye existing properties. Consider the cost of your concessions down the road. Are you willing to live with a layout you loathe? Why not get everything you’re looking for upfront instead of signing your future self up for headaches or renovations?

Wondering about the cost of building a custom cottage in Muskoka? We’ve devoted an entire blog to this topic. We get real about the details and talk about the unavoidable costs some salespeople prefer to skirt around. 

Ballantyne Builds the Best Cottages in Muskoka Cottage Country

Our unparalleled skill and professionalism result in beautiful custom cottages in the Muskoka lakes area. We cannot wait to meet you and hear more about your proposed project. We would love to meet you early in your process to build the perfect plan together. Reach out today to start the conversation that ends in ideal customization for your recreation. 

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