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Is A General Contractor Worth It?

Is A General Contractor Worth It?

Putting together a house can be somewhat of a simple process in terms of steps that need to be accomplished; you need permits, a solid foundation, and framing; the roof needs to be installed with windows and doors; mechanical elements need to be added in, and then come all the finishing touches.

In theory, it’s pretty straightforward; in reality, there are many moving parts, and if it isn’t done properly, it can be disastrous (as I’m sure you’ve heard from a friend or family member).

To relieve some stress and headaches, many people choose to work with a general contractor (GC). Others decide they know enough to get started and want to save money, so they act as their own GC. At first, this seems like a great idea: it costs less, and you have more control, but it can actually end up costing you more time and money as things progress. Inevitably, something will go wrong (it always does in construction), and it helps to have an expert to navigate the situation (or person). General contractors have the expertise and experience to find solutions to even the most complicated problems and will take care of them, so you don’t have to.

A good general contractor will make life much easier

Now, we realize that not all GCs conduct themselves equally, and I’m sure you know a horror story or two about a renovation gone wrong, but I’m here to tell you that a good GC will make life much easier. Not only will they bring much needed knowledge and expertise, they will also bring tangible assets such as insurance and worker’s compensation so you don’t have to assume the liability yourself. Most importantly, a good GC will stick with you until you are completely satisfied with the finished product. To sum up the difference in one word, a good general contractor will make the experience of building your dream home enjoyable, not excruciating. Isn’t it worth it?